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HD Lifesciences’ unique HIVE™ spinal interbodies were designed to accelerate patient healing. The company’s platform technology, Soft Titanium® lattice, has been shown to stimulate bone formation without shielding stress or sacrificing durability. Its NanoHive® surface technology optimizes the environment for bony on-growth.

HIVE™ interbodies are the result of HD’s drive to improve spinal fusion outcomes through inquisitive research, thorough engineering, and innovative product development. The “four pillars” of the technology are:

Cage features:

  • Stiffness - Lower stiffness than bone, designed to reduce the risk of subsidence.
  • Ingrowth - New bone can grow through the entire implant, not just around it or onto it.
  • Ongrowth - Surface technology helps stimulate new bone formation.
  • Imaging - Improved radiographic imaging to help surgeons.

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