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The Reform® HA Coated Pedicle Screw System is designed to meet the varying requirements of degenerative, trauma and deformity procedures.  Reform features a cobalt chrome tulip, a titanium triple lead proximally tapered thread to deliver strength, stability and efficiency to all thoracolumbar constructs.  The screws have hydroxyapatite coating applied to the threads, which largely consists of calcium and phosphorus, and is designed to enhance the amount of fixation possible between the pedicle screw and the surrounding bone in osteoporotic patients.  The screws are supplied sterile, and are made from medical grade titanium or titanium alloy.

System features:

  • Hyrdoxyapatite Coating largely consists of Calcium and Phosphorus, promoting osteointegration between bone and implant.  HA Coating adds approximately .18mm to major diameter and .25mm to minor diameter compared to standard Reform Screws
  • Titanium Nitrate Coated HA Taps are used when high bone density exists
  • Cobalt Chrome Tulip and Titanium Triple Lead, Proximally Tapered Thread deliver strength, stability and efficiency to all thoracolumbar constructs

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