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The Navigated Instrument System is comprised of subsets of instruments intended to be used in conjunction with the StealthStation™ Navigation System by Medtronic Navigation, Inc. “Medtronic Navigation” to assist surgeons in precisely locating anatomical structures in either open, minimally invasive, or percutaneous procedures for preparation and placement of pedicle screw system implants. This surgical imaging technology provides surgeons visualization for complex and MIS procedures and confirms the accuracy of advanced surgical procedures. Use of these navigation systems provides the surgeon access to real-time, multi-plane 3D images (and 2D images) providing confirmation of hardware placement. The Navigated Instruments are comprised of Bone Awls, Bone Taps, Bone Probes, Drills, Drill Guides (not navigated), and Screw Drivers.

System features:

  • Optional navigated instruments available for Reform®, Reform Ti, Reform MC, and SureLOK™ 3L Screw Systems
  • Compatible with the Medtronic StealthStation™ Navigation System and the NavLock™ Trackers

StealthStation™ and NavLock™ are trademarks of Medtronic plc. For additional information, please contact:
Phone: 877-780-4370 Fax: 601-420-5501