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Patent-pending Reform® Ti HA Coated Pedicle Screws have a hydroxyapatite coating applied to the screw threads that is designed to enhance the amount of fixation possible between the pedicle screw and the surrounding bone in osteoporotic patients. The Reform Ti HA Coated Pedicle Screw System features a low profile titanium tulip that reduces risk of facet impingement and the triple lead thread increases the speed and efficiency of screw delivery while reducing fatigue in creating all thoracolumbar constructs. Thirty degrees of angulation in all planes increases intraoperative flexibility. A minimally tapered screw thread lowers screw insertion torque while optimizing pull-out strength. A more aggressive self-starting screw tip optimizes initial bone engagement and the system’s enlarged T25 drive feature provides stability during insertion. Hexalobular drive fittings on the bone screw and locking cap help reduce the incidence of toggle and stripping. The square threaded locking cap geometry is designed to reduce the risk of cross-threading. Sterile packaging prevents implant contamination.

System features:

  • Polyaxial Screws provide 30º angulation in all planes for intraoperative flexibility
  • Modified Proximal Tapered Thread design increases bone screw interface, enhancing pull-out strength while reducing insertion torque
  • Triple Lead Thread allows for efficient screw delivery
  • Self-Starting Thread Tip allows for more immediate bone engagement, reliable insertion
  • Low Profile Titanium Tulip increases space for fusion while decreasing potential risk of adjacent segment facet impingement
  • T25 Drive Fittings on Bone Screw and Locking Cap reduces incidence of toggle and stripping
  • Square Threaded Locking Cap geometry reduces risk of cross threading
  • Full complement of offset connectors, dominoes, hooks and cross connectors increase procedure flexibility

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