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The Reform® Ti Pedicle Screw System provides surgeons increased flexibility, versatility and visibility to meet the varying requirements of degenerative and trauma procedures. Reform Ti features a titanium tulip and triple lead thread to deliver strength, stability and efficiency to all thoracolumbar constructs. A more aggressive, self-starting thread tip and a T25 drive feature allows for more immediate bone engagement, reliable insertion and maximum control during insertion.

System features:

  • Low Profile Titanium Tulip increases space for fusion while decreasing potential risk of adjacent segment facet impingement
  • Triple Lead Thread allows for efficient screw delivery
  • Self-Starting Thread Tip allows for more immediate bone engagement, reliable insertion
  • Polyaxial Screws provide 30º angulation in all planes for intraoperative flexibility
  • Hexalobular Drive Fittings on Bone Screw and Locking Cap reduces incidence of toggle and stripping
  • Full complement of offset connectors, dominoes, hooks and cross connectors increase procedure flexibility

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