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The Reform® Modular Pedicle Screw System provides surgeons increased flexibility, versatility and visibility to meet the varying requirements of degenerative and trauma procedures. Reform features a cobalt chrome tulip, a titanium triple lead proximally tapered thread  to deliver strength, stability and efficiency to all thoracolumbar constructs. Modular tulips are available in standard and reduction configurations. Testing shows that the Reform Modular intraoperatively assembled construct has a pull off strength as strong as a Reform preassembled screw providing optimal security.

System features:

  • Cobalt Chrome Tulip and Titanium Triple Lead, Proximally Tapered Thread deliver strength, stability and efficiency to all thoracolumbar constructs
  • Low Profile Tulip Inserter provides a stable and secure interface and is available in straight and angled configurations.  An audible click ensures that the tulip is securely assembled
  • Semi-aggressive Bone Planar approximates the outer diameter of the tulip to allow for bone decortication to promote fusion and proper seating of the tulip
  • Low Profile Screw Driver optimizes maneuverability, control, and dependability

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